The good old times are far from over yet.

Do you remember your own days as a freethinking student? The buoyant cycle of cramming and going on parties? The lively residential communities and the continual acquaintances you made?
Well, it is not that easy any more. The bar visits became less and the unexpected encounters became a rarity. Say hello to everyday working life. But why should you forego the pinch of impartial happiness?
Our student escort embody all positive facets of the wild 20s and even more..

What do you prefer? The clever psychology student or the tough future manager? The quick-witted law student or a lectureship student, a girl next door?
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You got rid of waiting tablets or giving tutoring?
You would like to have a job which is fun and keeps you enough time and freedom for yourself?


Our student escorts are self-employed solely. We only act as an agency which brings together independent working students with charming gentlemen. Our ladies are characterised by attractiveness and charm. But only their eloquence in addition turn them into the perfect all around package. And who could offer this more than our student escorts?
Our concept appeals to you as an educated and high-demanding gentlemen who would like to know who is going to sweeten his evening. Out of this reason you will find on the ladies profile not only some classy realistically photos, but also a personal interview and the certain preferences of the student escort. You should be able to check in advance whether you and your favourite student escort do have a good chemistry.

But please notice: All that happens between you and your chosen student escort is outside our responsibility. Out of that reason we are not able to furnish any particulars about the girls services because we only commit the student escorts time.
Within this Escortella and it’s student escorts evade themselves of being providers of sexual service and commitment which also evades us from the Act of Parlament (ProstSchG).


Escortella consists of a small young and German team of former and actual female students. We are reliable, discreet and serious – and the best: we know what you desire!
But what is our vision, our motives?
Self-evident we want to stand out of the mass. We want to outdo the usual escort experience. But this already succeeded though committing real German and English speaking ladies who do justice to their web presences. Pretty but not impressing.
But what kind of young women are optical as well as intellectual impressing? Right! Students, in that case student escorts. Charming ladies with class, eloquence and joie de vivre. Because the certain something should not be missing at your evening company, or what do you think about it?


Not to ignore is our most important vision to esteem our student escorts as cooperation partner on equal terms.
We want to give young eloquent women the chance to earn money by having fun and making new experiences without plague themselves with 20 hours work while absolving hard study.
Student Escorts should be able to focus on there study without loosing their easy going lifestyle because of operating pressure.

Part of the cooperation ratio is keeping the agency provision on a low base. We are able to proudly announce that we are able to call us the most fair escort agency of Europe by taking only 20% agency provision on every committed student escort date. Within this we clearly want to stand out from all other agencies which claim 30-50% provision – that does not fit a young clever businesswoman like you!

We are looking forward to our successful cooperation with you as our new student escort. Learn more about becoming an escort on our casting page.