LOCATION Frankfurt · Worldwide
AGE 23 Years
HEIGHT 166 cm · 5'4 feet
WEIGHT 72 kg · 158 lbs
CUP SIZE (40) 85D Natural
FIGURE L · 40 · Curvy
ORIGIN German(y)
FIELD OF STUDY Informatics
LANGUAGES German, English
INTERESTS Literature, Culture, Opera & Theater, Burlesque & Varieté, Piano
SPORT Swimming, Biking
STYLE Elegant, Classy
CUISINE Japanese, Gourmet
DRINKS Champagne Rosé
PERFUME Love, Chloé

What appeals to you about being an escort?
There are too many reasons for compressing it into a short test. It is a kick. It is despicable and forbidden sexy. It is exciting and great. It is a possibility to escape the everyday and to indulge in the illusion.

What do your friends love about you?
I am often described as mothering. I care for all and have a sympathetic ear at any time.

What characteristics do you appreciate on people?
Tolerance, respect, politeness and open-mindedness are impressing characteristics. I like people who are able to tell something...

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Warm-hearted, humorous, emphatic.

What makes you attractive in your eyes?
My smile and my positive aura.

Motto / Fav Quote
"It is passion that makes man live. Wisdom makes one only last." - Nicolas Chamfort

Role Models / Inspirations
I have multiple sources of inspiration. But my role model is only me in a later and improved version. I have many plans to put into practice.... 😉

2 Hours 450 €
3 Hours 600 €
4 Hours 700 €
6 Hours 850 €
8 Hours 1000 €
12 Hours Overnight 1200 €
16 Hours Overnight 1400 €
24 Hours 1800 €
48 Hours 2800 €
+ 1 Day 800 €

Travel Expenses

Frankfurt am Main 2h + 0 €
Bad Homburg 2h + 30 €
Mainz, Wiesbaden 3h + 50 €
Heidelberg, Mannheim 3h + 80 €
Karlsruhe 4h + 120 €
Bonn, Cologne, Baden-Baden 4h + 150 €
Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Essen 4h + 180 €

I opened the door and we smiled at each other. She is so authentic that you could believe be visited by a good friend. Immediately we had a connection to each other.
The conversations made the date special and the mood easy-going. And her pretty smile.
The intimicity was great as well. Tender, sensual and self-evident. I guess she enjoyed it as well. At least it seemed like it. After all we lied arm in arm. A lovely conclusion of a great date.


I was enthused by Victoria's pictures from the very beginning. When we met for the first time I was able to see for myself her attraction live and in color. She is sexy and knows about it.
And she talks like Simone de Beauvoir or Male Dreyer - whichever. A super experience. Many thanks for the recommendation.


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