LOCATION Berlin · Worldwide
AGE 27 Years
HEIGHT 165 cm · 5'4 feet
WEIGHT 58 kg · 118 lbs
CUP SIZE (38) 80B Natural
FIGURE M · 36/38 · Slim yet feminine
ORIGIN American-vietnamese
FIELD OF STUDY Interior Design
LANGUAGES English (fluently), German (good), Vietnamese, Cantonese
INTERESTS Cooking, Piano, Music & Movies, Dining out
STYLE Girly, elegant, feminine
CUISINE Japanese, Pan-asian, Italian
PARFUME Poison by Diore

Nora beautiful Escort Berlin Lady
What appeals to you about being an escort?
First of all I would like to meet successful men with both feet on the ground for learning from their experiences. But I also enjoy being a tempting young woman who plays with her charms.

What do your friends love about you?
With my friends, I am a strong and assertive girl (in feminine form), so I'm the problem solver for them, as well as the elder sister, protecting and scolding them when they do something wrong.

What characteristics do you appreciate on people?
Educated, gentle, courteous and respectful of women.

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Elegant, intelligent and feminine.

What makes you attractive in your eyes?
I have beautiful eyes and a soft skin as well as a well shaped body - slim but curvy.

Motto / Fav Quote
"Give me a fulcrum, and I will move the world." To me, none can do everything alone if there is no encouragement, support or guidance. The literal meaning of the quotation is physical, but figuratively expressing the relationship between people - without supportive interactions people would be hopeless.

Role Models / Inspirations
My father. He is a smart man, very resourceful and gentle.

Nora beautiful Escort Lady
2 Hours 450 €
3 Hours 600 €
4 Hours 700 €
6 Hours 850 €
8 Hours 1000 €
12 Hours Overnight 1200 €
16 Hours Overnight 1400 €
24 Hours 1800 €
48 Hours 2800 €
+ 1 Day 800 €

Travel Expenses

Berlin 2h + 0 €
Potsdam 3h + 50 €
Brandenburg 3h + 80 €
Magdeburg, Leipzig, Hamburg 4h + 150 €
Hanover 6h + 200 €

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