LOCATION Heidelberg · Europe
AGE 21 Years
HEIGHT 178 cm · 5'8 feet
WEIGHT 65 kg · 143 lbs
CUP SIZE (38) 80B Natural
FIGURE M · 36/38 · Slim yet feminine
ORIGIN White Russian (born in Germany)
FIELD OF STUDY Business Administration
LANGUAGES German, English, French, Russian, Persian
INTERESTS Travelling, Culture, Theater, Wellness & Sauna, Cooking
SPORT Fitness, Swimming
STYLE Elegant, feminine, up to date
CUISINE Japanese, Persian
DRINKS Gin Tonic
PARFUME Donna Valentino
SMOKING Occasional

Karina beautiful Escort Heidelberg Lady
What appeals to you about being an escort?
Every date entails new experiences. I can live out my curiosity and thirst of adventure. I meet new people who could enrich my life by showing me the world through other eyes. Especially I enjoy the familiar relationship between escort and client. It is not comparable to anything else.

What do your friends love about you?
I am sensible and emphatic. I have a ready ear for them.

What characteristics do you appreciate on people?
Charm, politeness and eloquence.

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Charming, warm-hearted, authentic.

What makes you attractive in your eyes?
My appearance, my nature and my aura.

Motto / Fav Quote
"You cannot change the wind but you can change the setting of the sails." - Aristoteles

Role Models / Inspirations
Lea-Sophie Cramer. I am inspired by young businesswomen who build up something on their own.

Karina beautiful Escort Lady
2 Hours 550 €
3 Hours 700 €
4 Hours 850 €
6 Hours 1100 €
8 Hours 1250 €
12 Hours Overnight 1500 €
16 Hours Overnight 1750 €
24 Hours 2200 €
48 Hours 3400 €
+ 1 Day 900 €

Travel Expenses

Heidelberg 2h + 0 €
Mannheim 2h + 30 €
Karlsruhe 3h + 50 €
Frankfurt am Main 3h + 80 €
Wiesbaden, Mainz, Baden-Baden 3h + 100 €
Stuttgart 4h + 120 €
Freiburg 4h + 150 €

I had a great evening with her. It was simply nice to spend time with her.
Despite overacting I noticed how excited she was. That was cute. I look forward to see her again.


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