2 Hours 450 € 550 € 650 €
3 Hours 600 € 700 € 850 €
4 Hours 700 € 850 € 1.000 €
6 Hours 850 € 1.100 € 1.300 €
8 Hours 1.000 € 1.250 € 1.500 €
12 Hours Overnight 1.200 € 1.500 € 1.800 €
16 Hours Overnight 1.400 € 1.750 € 2.100 €
24 Hours 1.800 € 2.200 € 2.600 €
48 Hours 2.800 € 3.400 € 4.000 €
+ 1 Day 800 € 900 € 1.000 €

Travel Expenses & Minimum Booking

Our ladies are bookable from 2 hours without travel expenses in there home base only. Outside the models home area the travel expenses and minimum booking of the lady can variate dependent from the distance.

You will find the travel expenses and minimum bookings on the models profile.

The most simple solution is looking up for it on the certain city page. If you are in Berlin, Frankfurt, Vienna or somewhere else, you will simply need to check the certain city page for receiving all informations you need plus some nice hotel and restaurant tips and a little city guide.

Where & when can my date take place?

The best place for end a memorable date is a nice hotel. Within noble ambience our student escorts feel most comfortable.

But where should the date begin? Whether event, business dinner, restaurant or bar – it is up to you!

But please notice that the date should never start approx later than 11 pm.

In which case is a down payment needed?

If you would like to meet your chosen student escort outsider her home base a down payment of 20% + travel expenses will be needed.

Please take the duration of the transfer into the lead time.

Which service do the ladies offer?

We solely are an agency which brings together self-employed student escorts with charming gentlemen. All that happens between you and your chosen student escort is outside our responsibility. Out of that reason we are not able to furnish any particulars about the girls services because we only commit the student escorts time.
Within this Escortella and it’s student escorts evade themselves of being providers of sexual service and commitment which also evades us from the Act of Parlament (ProstSchG).

Escort status: Silver, Gold & Platinum

Our rates are split in silver, gold and platinum. Silver is the lowest category and platinum the highest.
But what does that mean?

The classification into the certain category takes place through the following aspects:

  • The experience
  • The look
  • The opinion of our clients
  • Regional peculiarities  (e.g. a Munich average man is more solvent than a client from Saarbrücken)

Some of our student escorts stay in a lower category optionally for keeping their exciting clients.

Is it possible to cancel a date?

Something got into your way? No problem. But please take charge of it in time and unrequested.

Costs are only incurred if the lady did already depart or if she does not have other financial losses to deplore.