to become an Escortella Student Escort.


Sophisticated Clients
Our clients are classy international business people.


International Mediation
Discover the world and get well payed for it!


Self-determined Working
You decide to accept or reject a commission.


Low Provision
We are the most fair agency in Europe.


High Earning Potential
Your effords will get payed well over average.


High Minimum Booking
You are bookable from 2 hours. It should be worthwhile for you.


Stay individual!
You will design the content of your profile, so your affect.


Discretion & Anonymity
You will work with artist name and retouched face.


Cooperation on Eye Level
You don't work for us, we work together!


Experienced Team
We know the Escort Business out of own experiences.


Young female Management
We always act friendly, insightful and open to criticism.


Strong in Consulting
We will always be there for you. Whether questions, suggestions or simply support.


Do I go well with Escortella?

You are attractive and obviously feel well in your body.
You are a reliable and honest.
You are uncomplicated and you don’t have a problem with punctuality.
You are between 20 and 30 years old..
You have etiquette, eloquence and style.
For enjoy meeting new people.
You like travelling and you enjoy adventures.
You would like to work on an independent basis for making more money.

How much will I earn?

Escortella receives a commitment provision of 20%, so the rest of the rates (80%) are solely for you.

Your full earnings depend on the amount of booking requests you will receive and the amount of bookings you agree to.

Let’s recalculate it: As a beginner (silver model) you will earn 450€ for 2 hours from which 360€ are solely for you. If you have 2 dates a week for 2 hours you will earn 2880€ brutto per month for working 4 hours a week. As a gold model you would earn 3520€ and as a platinum model 4160€ in the same time.

But don’t forget: We pronounced the word brutto intentionally, because you will need to pay tax on all your earnings. You can get more tips and infos about paying taxes from us personally.

Will I be a silver, gold or platinum model?

As a beginner you will probably start as a silver model except from the case you have already worked with an similar high degraded agency. After 3 months we can talk about a rise to a gold model.

By the way: Many of our ladies stay at their beginners category for receiving more booking requests and for keeping their core clients.

How much does it cost to be listet at Escortella?

Being listed at our agency does not cost anything at all.

If you do not have any professional photos yet, there will only be the costs of the shooting.

I live in a city which is not listed on Escortella. What next?

That is no problem.

We will ad you city to our homepage with pleasure. But it needs to be an European city which is big enough and has a strong economy.

We are looking forward to your application!

What kind of clients will I have?

Our clientele consists of gentlemen from usually European and American countries and states. Our website attracts educated stylish gentlemen from early 30s to mid 50. A gentlemen who is able to afford an Escortella lady regards her as a luxury present to himself and act appropriated respectful.

If you do not feel well with a client, you will be able to quit the date anytime.

How anonymous will I work at Escortella?

You will stay anonymously. We treat your data very discreet. You will receive an artist name and half of your face will be covered on the photos.

Tell me more about the shooting.

The shooting will take place in a stylish apartment hotel in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). You decide whether only our photographer or also one of our team members will be there. Our photographer receives 260€ for 10 professional final photographies. The apartment hotel is bookable from 90 or 120€, depending on the room size. You should arrive with already styled hair and make up.

More about the shooting preparation you will get know from our Escortella team.

By the way: You do not need to use our photographing service. Of course you can also choose your own photographer or your already existing photos. But they need to fit our agency design.

What is the process of the date commitment?

The process of the commitment of your date is always the same:

Your further client will contact our team via mail or phone. The gentlemen tells us the most important data about the date and himself. So now you will decide to agree to the date or not.

Will I travel a lot?

Most travel companionships do not take place with new clients, but with gentlemen you already met. Out of this reason we do not have much influence on how often you will be booked as a travel companion.

The significant benefit which our agency offers is our already Europe wide commitment which enabled us to build up a nice amount of international existing clients. So the door is wide open for you to become an international escort.

How proceeds a usual escort date?

The process of an escort date can be very individual. Usually you will meet your client in a restaurant or bar for checking up each other a litte. Not only you will be excited, so do not worry about that.

You will chat a little, get to know each other. So you will see whether the harmony is right and whether you would like to spend the rest of the evening with him.

All what happens after that is totally up to you…

How do I apply and what happens next?

You will apply through our application form at Escortella. If you fit to our agency profile we will contact you per phone for getting to know you a little. You can ask us everything you want to know.

After the phone call we will link you to our profile form. There you will have the opportunity to create your future profile as individual as you want and as you would like to show off for your future clients.

Last but not least we would love to get to know you in person. If you live really far away from Frankfurt there is also the possibility to get to know you a little per Skype or FaceTime. But we do prefer the personal contact.


Learn more about the work as an student escort.


& start your new life!

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