STATUS Platinum
Location Frankfurt · Worldwide
AGE 28 Years
HEIGHT 175 cm · 5'7 feet
WEIGHT 58 kg · 127 lbs
CUP SIZE 75B Natural
FIGURE S · 36 · Slim & feminine
ORIGIN German(y)
LANGUAGES German, English
INTERESTS Literature, Culture, Art, Wellness, Opera & Theater, Varieté, Evolution of lingerie and femininity
SPORT Swimming, Hiking, Ballet
STYLE Elegant and classy, noble, often British Oxford Style
CUISINE Mediterranean, Sushi, Gourmet
DRINKS Champagne Rosé, Red Wine
PERFUME Chanel No. 5

Carolina beautiful Escort Frankfurt Lady
What appeals to you about being an escort?
I enjoy being a mistress to the full. It gives me the opportunity to experience art, culture and intimicity. And it is great to show a foreigner my city through other eyes.

What do your friends love about you?
I always try to help other people. I want them to develop and to blossom.

What characteristics do you appreciate on people?
Style. Because you cannot get it with money. Politeness, etiquette and modesty.

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Educated, elegant, charming.

What makes you attractive in your eyes?
What makes me attractive is not only my appearance. It is about the many little things that form the whole. I pay attention to the detail and I am facing my frivole side. I am passionated but very in control. My facets combined make me interesting and attractive.

Motto / Fav Quote
Eroticism is a filigree entity of aesthetic character that only nestles on those who maintain and cultivate it.

Role Models / Inspirations
Dito van Teese

Carolina beautiful Escort Lady
2 Hours 650 €
3 Hours 850 €
4 Hours 1000 €
6 Hours 1300 €
8 Hours 1500 €
12 Hours Overnight 1800 €
16 Hours Overnight 2100 €
24 Hours 2600 €
48 Hours 4000 €
+ 1 Day 1000 €

Travel Expenses

Frankfurt am Main 2h + 0 €
Bad Homburg 2h + 30 €
Mainz, Wiesbaden 3h + 50 €
Heidelberg, Mannheim 3h + 80 €
Karlsruhe 4h + 120 €
Bonn, Cologne, Baden-Baden 4h + 150 €
Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Essen 4h + 180 €

Elisabeth is a true gold coin. A polished diamond. Her appearance was perfect in all details.
Next time I will take her to the Paris Theater.
Warmest thanks for the recommendation.


Thank you for the recommendation. Elisabeth was a great choice. She outperformed my expectations.
She is very pretty and sexy as well as eloquent. I would call her self-evident and she has her head turn in her wake. Wow, and very educated, I suppose I did never learn that many new things during an escort date. Very entertaining!
I will call again.


It was a super date. She left nothing to be desired. Eli is a lovely lady and very pretty.
Thanks to the Escortella Team. See you soon!


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